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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 no more snow in southern new england now but i'm tracking our next threat in time for thanksgiving. breaking tonight an horrific school bus crash. what the bus hit before flipping over. >> with the legalization of marijuana coming to we are looking at a budding industry. the people and the science behind the grow your own movement and why it's a tomato forwarden. >> caught on camera a violent struggle to stop a thief from hitting him with a pipe. the reflex that likely saved his life. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. our efth kevin lemanowicz is
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continue it to play a big factor in what you are feeling outside? winds gusting over 20 miles per hour including worster and boston. that's down from early today it feels like 20 in boston. these will be sliding into the teens in many airport reporting stations so we got the bitter cold now we have to watch for more of this. there's still some flakes flying out there in the berkshires. how the rain and snow will impact your thanksgiving straight ahead. >> breaking news a bye body man has died after this violent two car crash in danvers. a car hit a tractor-trailer. police say the 50-year-old
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blue car when it collided with a truck. state police and danvers police are investigating the cause of the crash. also breaking tonight a tennessee school bus crashes into a tree killing at least six children. since this story first broke we have learned police are investigating whether or not the driver was speeding. a tree split a school bus almost in half. the bus carrying 35 kids on its side partially crushed. >> multiple children lost their lives today in this the bus all from an elementary school the oldest in fifth grade the youngest in kindergarten taking care of the children that ridged is our number one private. police say the bus driver survived the crash and is cooperating with investigators. >> speed is being investigated very strongly. >> reporter: the bus has a box that collects satta. this has been a great
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everyone in your community this has been one of the worst days we've had in hamilton county. many in the community try ing to help in any way they could lining up to donate blood. hours after the crash parents wondering if their children are safe these are families that don't know the status of many of their children. there are families that are wrord about their children. >> as investigators work to figure out why the bus crashed many families are left grieving this is a steer we on top of and bring you any new developments as they come into you our newsroom. also breaking tonight. president-elect donald trump is outlining his first 100 days in office. in a video message to the american people he called the core principal of his presidency putting america first and also laid out executive actions among them withdrawing from a key trade agreement. on trade i am going to
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potential disaster for you our country. instead, we will negotiate that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. we put the full members holiday season is here which means plenty of package deliveries and package deliveries attract thieves. malini that area historically sees a spike in this type of crime? >> they, have mark. as a matter of fact here we are at the department tonight they're sending out a warning everyone to before you start your holiday shopping and hit send make sure the package is delivered to someone and not just left on your doorstep. closing books, household supplies these days we can order almost anything on-line and it's delivered to your doorstep. kate penner is just one of victims whose package was stolen right from her
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what's in that box. i feel like this the thief probably opened the package black friday and cyber monday aren't even here yet but since september they have responded to at least 30 larceny calls items more than $1200 gone. oftentimes people are at work. >> reporter: the hot spots cambridge port, chauncey, windle, mid-cambridge homes that are close to they're able to quickly get in and out of homes. reaching up to the neighbors. if you can deliver it to someplace that's more secure. i know somebody at the
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there's a setting on your phone that tells you when your package is being shipped and delivered to your doorstep. now coming up for now we are live in cambridge tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> the officer severely hurt in eas strides in their recovery. they were shot several times as they responded to calls in mid-october. they shot back and the suspect was killed. today, we got this update from matthew morris who's recovery at spalding rehab is over just in time for thanksgiving. right before leaving though officer morris posed for these pictures with some of the doctors, nurses and therapists who treated him over the last six weeks. in one picture he's wearing
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an arrest has been made in the ambush murder of a san antonio police officer. since then we have learned that the suspect has been identified san antonio police chief says his officers remain vigilant as their work continues. >> this investigation is by no means the motive for the capital murder is still unknown. >> policecy he was ambushed while marconi was conducting a traffic stop. we'll continue to follow developments in this case as we learn more about the suspect and any potential motive.
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police -- just be aware of your surroundings. >> according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, 20 officers have been killed so far this year. developing tonight a terror suspect is being held without bail. federal prosecutors say he tried to join isis and you thought about carrying out an attack in new york city. investigators say the 37-year-old wanted to carry times square with a garbage truck crushing pedestrians. federal agents arrested him at his brooklyn apartment early this morning. prosecutors say he travelled to turkey and yemen last year all in hopes of joining isis but the terror group didn't take him.
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you however, found out not through the school but through social media. my stomach certained i was sick to my stomach. this mother of two who didn't want to show her face says she was first alerted to facebook post in the middle of the of the night. the graphic post said in part i have a close friend whose son has been getting molested about 10 times mainly by another 6-year-old mainly on the bus. the post contained many more graphic details of incidents on a school bus in renaissance charter school. one of the oldest charter schools in the city. for this mom and several others who contacted fox 25 the post was the first they were hearing of any alleged incidents. >> i heard it on facebook that's how i heard it first and then i got a phone call from the school. we are aware of the facebook post that has been circulating regarding an alleged incident on school bus earlier this month.
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november the post has been shared thousands of times and they referred to us it when we called with questions. the school leadership team took immediate action and they say they take the matter seriously and have taking all appropriate measures may be affected and they wonder if they would ever know anything at all were it not for a facebook post. >> they're not tellingis anybody. the child would not face any charges. we also charged with d.c.f. they are too are aware and investigating. if you have a tip e-mail us
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they are hoping to take a look we have highlighted the car police believe the suspect was dwlifg he hit and killed a man back in join. they say he was in area where the accident happened on the night of june 6th around 10:00 p.m. if you reco >> in less than a month marijuana will become legal in massachusetts. new at 10:00 the evidence we obtained revealing the home growing business is about to explode. plus, pats owner robert kraft hands out turkeys but it's talk about president-elect trump that caught our attention. new at 10:00 what he said when we asked if he would accept a cabinet position. i'm tracking the chance for more by thanksgiving. a wanna-be burglar can't
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while discussing the law changes this afternoon we wondered if more people are already preparing to start growing the drug inside their homes? fox 25's ted daniel brought that question to a framingham gardening store and ted they told you business is booming. >> since the new law passed much of the focus has been
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in until 2018. the homegrown portion that starts next month and tonight we found a lot of people getting ready for it. >> at new england hydroponics in framingham gardens supplying come with free gardening advice and recently a lot of customers have been asking how to grow weed. >> people right now it seems are kind of planning so you know they're coming in and hey i want to start something up in december. >> reporter: the new law allows adults to grow up to six marijuana plants at home. exists every season is growing season. tents, lights, nutrients, carbon monoxide -- carbon dioxide. a set up can cost between $5 hundred and $5,000. you can make it as complex as you want it to be, as you want to grow more get bigger yields from things, get betterened results. >> reporter: chuck segal manufacturers l.e.d. growing lights he says potency is
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person's liking. >> eventually going to turn into a class be b type of an industry where people are growing their own for their own needs. >> reporter: we also checked in with james nixon as he was checking out. >> i'm an attorney by trade so i took that brain power and put that into researching. >> reporter: james runs a homegrown setup and consulting company. he has four appointmentings scheduled and he expects many more to follow. >> i think have gained has put me in a sort of special place where i can now as we go recreational help others to do kind of the same thing. >> reporter: i'm told six plants typically produce about six ounces of marijuana give or take. the grower is allowed to keep all of it and give one of those oungss away. reporting live in framingham tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. the patriots will be without a key part of their defense for the next month.
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games after testing positive for marijuana. according to nfl policy the lengthy suspension means branch failed tests on three previous occasion. branch --. new at 10:00 police have charged this man with possession of child pornography. 18-year-old charles turcotte of wakefield, new hampshire was arrested last week. turcotte was released on $25,000 bail. he's due back in court next month. a 9-year-old will be okay after being hit by a van on his way home from school. it happened th into the street in front of a honda odyssey. we are told the van was going no more than 10 miles per hour when it happened. the boy was taken to the hospital to get checked out. the search continues tonight for the person who killed a lowell mother during a fight at a party. the family of gloria tells fox 25 they want justice. they don't understand why police have not found her attackers. police say she was with her son at a party she was asked to leave and during the ensuing argument a group of
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his nephew witnessed it all. >> he told me that he held his mother and was calling mommy, mommy and all he said was her name glory. and it was just somebody heard him and called 911. >> she leaves behind four children and three grandchildren. investigators have not released any information about suspects. new tonight arrangements are being made for the body of a in additionia man to be sent back -- of a sh after being killed in a car crash he died while attending a friend's destination wedding. according to a radio station an autopsy has since been completed and authorities have been in touch with the family. tonight a local father is accused of forcing two children to live in a home full of trash and feces. the child's mother tells fox 25's kathryn burcham she knew her 4-year-old son was tied down and denied access to the bathroom but felt
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>> i care a lot about my kids and i would never do anything to harm my children. >> reporter: but tonight her estranged husband is facing criminal charges for endangering the two young children after police say they found deplorable conditions inside the manchester apartment. >> the smells were kind of put you off like why does it smell that bad. >> reporter: neighbors and police say the stench of human and animal waste was overpowering early this morning when a 911 call brought officers to apartment 3. >> it was tough to walk in there. it was garbage. >> reporter: investigators say there were dog and human feces on the floor and inside one bedroom they found the 4-year-old son tied to his bed by a makeshift harness with a childproof lock. samantha admitted to fox 25 hit happened before. >> my son was not able to go to the bathroom or play he constantly in his bed and constantly not able to be with anybody else but himself in that bed. >> reporter: police say her 2-year-old daughter was also covered in human waste and
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-- make ited in her crib. >> reporter: officers say they -- ncaaed in her crib. they also found a cracked wooden pallen 15 inches long. he admitted he used it to discipline his kids. i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> he pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment and reckless conduct but police say more charges could be filed in the case. samantha says she hopes she will not face any legal issues because of this. she's also hoping to regain custody of their children who are tonight. check out this video right here. a thief tries breaking into a store with a rock but the window does not budge. the reason a 90 miles per hour fast ball wasn't busting through this glass. but first what patriots owner robert kraft revealed about his relationship with
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signal. you in the at 10:00 the thanksgiving football game will honor thompgs clardy. -- thomas clardy. followed by a fly-over from the state police air wing. trooper clardy's family
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ceremonial coin toss. trooper clardy was killed in a crash in march. new at 10:00 there's a new spot for gronk to relax after his long nights out in boston. the boston herald reports number 87 bought a $2 million penthouse in the fort point neighborhood. the home has two beds, two baths maple floor and a juliette balcony. no pictures of the home just yet. he also has a home in foxborough a little bit closer to his work. >> all meeting with some of the most powerful politicians in new york there's a chance he will meet with one of the most powerful people in massachusetts. christine mckarkty is in foxborough for us. patriots owner robert kraft addressed the possibility tonight. >> reporter: kraft didn't directly give an answer to reporters tonight perhaps taking a cue from his head coach but he was very light hearted about the subject simply hinting there's a possibility he will visit
10:25 pm
for families in need. 220 of them to be exact containing turkeys and all the fixings. it's 23 year tradition working with goodwill. the relationship established when robert kraft bought the team. the pats owner presented a $10,000 check to good will to cover the event following a victory in san francisco. >> it's made r much richer because they get exposed to something that's very meaningful. >> reporter: but community service isn't the only thing on kraft's schedule outside work lately. last week he made headlines visiting president-elect donald trump at trump tower. kraft wouldn't say whether he plans to return next sunday when the pats play the jets a short ride away at metlife stadium. >> i think the owner of the jets [inaudible].
10:26 pm
would accept a cabinet position offer? >> i love what i'm doing and i would do anything i could do to help america be stronger. one of the things i hope he does to make our country more vibrant and help our inner cities throughout america. >> reporter: he says he wants to see an improved economy and more well paying jobs. he says this time he that live in foxborough, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. we continue to get eye popping video into the newsroom. an out of control police cruiser comes just inches away from hitting a teenage girl. >> i'm still shaken up you see that in the movies not in real life, you know. >> what led to that officer losing control behind the wheel.
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taste the winter. the wind was brutal today. it was, it was. a little bit of snow this weekend none of it unexpected but did you call
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the way. a few 30s to the east. it's the almost like we planned that. that's pretty good. we actually didn't. sheet shot use that hashtag on instagram. that is a perfect one for today wasn't it. look it wasn't a lot of snow i get that thanksgiving kind of a novelty. when i say it wasn't a lot of snow i'm clearing not talking to you watching from the berkshires from vermont. up to a foot plus, in some portions of the berkshires and this lake-effect snow machine is churning three feet plus along the lake shoreline there. now the snow continues to fly it's not a lot back here it's a lot here in massachusetts it's not very much but along the massachusetts turnpike out
10:31 pm
barrington still seeing some light snow or flurries. still seeing that. but you do have to go all the way to western massachusetts to find any snow falling. at least for now. there's a storm system back here some stuff brewing here in the rockies it's all going to be moving eastward. it's the next one that we're tracking. first things first it is cold outside vanessa hit that one right on. 32 in boston. already literally freezing cold out there it's going to get colder even in the city. orange. from 30s right at the coastline. winds are step up gusting over 20 miles per hour not strong enough to be wind advisory criteria over 30 miles per hour scattered about today but it is certainly strong enough to give you a wind chill. this is what it feels like outside to your skin if you
10:32 pm
16 in worcester 20 in boston so if you're out there working on the highways for instance you need to keep yourself covered up because it becomes a danger in that many hours. look at that average temperature remember i put an average will continue to fly back here but it's going to gradually weaken that lake-effect snow machine will the shut off. so through tuesday and wednesday two travel days coming up neither one looks like it can be a weather problem. now if you are driving to upstate new york out to the west through new york state you will run into some problems you get throughout just because they have to get everything cleaned up. but if you are staying in
10:33 pm
doubt in the 40s tomorrow with sunshine and back here to worcester county and beyond we'll stay in the 30s for highs tomorrow. boston's high only 38? all day long. you also see some precipitation painted in there for thanksgiving. here's the latest coming in just now still looks like early in the morning. but it also seems to weaken as it comes eastward that's a little first than what we were looking at before. in boston as kevin just said the wild in the teens making
10:34 pm
live for us tonight outside logan airport. jim this cold is making we entered logan this is one place you saw transportation problems because of the weather. you see many people just arriving tonight some delayed up to 2.50 hours mostly those who are flying out of new york that's because of the high winds. the same high winds >> reporter: after weeks of balmy temperatures reality tonight word in. >> we're just like taking our blanket cover myself and roam down the street because it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: actually it wasn't even that cold. the air temperature around 40 degrees in the boston by nightfall. by the the winds took the
10:35 pm
in the teens. >> i think my dog didn't get her walk today. >> reporter: but the sudden cold hit when many couldn't stay indoors. thanksgiving shoppers bundled up and trundled up to get groceries and firewood. >> it's always a little too fast when it hits that first really cold day. the first flakes you see on the car in the morning but whatever, it's coming. >> reporter: on mass transit no problems because of the wind and cold ride. what's it like waiting out here for the bus? >> not fun. fun at all but i don't want to walk. >> reporter: at logan airport the weather was a factor primarily on flights between boston and new york with some flights scheduled to arrive more than two hours behind schedule. it happens every year this transition to winter but like accumulating birthdays it doesn't get any easier.
10:36 pm
>> just from some perspective that young lady who says that is from belize so naturally she would think this is the coldest place ever. we got a couple more busy travel days here outbound from logan but the real big, big day will be on sunday that's with when all those people who left at a staggered rate during the week many of them will be coming home all on that one day. live at logan, jim morelli, fox 25 news. a mother believes her son would be alive today if >> when did we become a society with where we won't help save somebody's life. the law she's fighting for that some believe is a constitutional rights violation. plus, video captures a clerk's violent struggle with an armed robber. what the clerk did to turn
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>> new at 10:00 a would-be robber meets his match. fox 25's john monahan is live in brockton for us tonight and john, that storefront window held up pretty good against that huge rock. >> it certainly did. we have that rock right here, vanessa. take a look. this is the rock the man tried to throw through this window. little did he know the own her spent hundreds of dollars on this tempered glass when and threw the threw it at the window it bounced right off on the ground. the driver gets out looks around and launches a rock into the glass door of two debbie's convenience store in be brockton. >> and drove the rock it comes back at him. >> reporter: steve davis who testified in the whitey bulger trial, about the murder of his sister deborah davis, owns this store.
10:41 pm
steve says as he watched this surveillance video he could only laugh. >> i was actually the first time i seen the vie was tearing i was laughing so hard. i said this has to be the stupidest son of a b. after the first toss he picked up the rock and this time wound up. >> throws it again it and bounced back at him so hard he just use more power. and the thing came. >> reporter: the man had enough. drove away the empty-handed. steve called the cops but also posted the video on facebook sunday afternoon. within two hours it had 2700 hits, and it took off. >> i woke up this morning there's over 6,000. i said this is nuts. i said who's looking at it. >> reporter: apparently a lot of people. and these posts show many agree with steve. that this guy was not too
10:42 pm
the top five dumbest thieves that i have seen. it's a new glass he has a license plate so far no arrests. live in brockton tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> close call for a group of children near pittsburgh. police cruiser right there nearly hit four kids standing on a sidewalk. the cruiser spun out of control after being hit by a van. the offir stolen car at the time. none of the children were hurt and the officer had only minor injuries. new at 10:00 a gas station clerk in florida lucky to be alive after he fought back against an arm robber. newly released surveillance video shows the robber hit the employee in the back of the head about a metal pipe. then about both his firsts and again with the pipe the worker fought back and managed to take the pipe away. a school superintendent who lost her job over a
10:43 pm
-- $13,000 a month in pay. first a mother wants to bring a massachusetts law to
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
close to 500 deaths in opioid overdoses that's compared to 20. many families who have a loved one addicted to opioids they are desperate to find help before it's too late. >> stephanie sat down with one mother who recently sat
10:46 pm
>> i remember thinking i thought i had more time. i thought we still had a fight. >> reporter: cheryl mercer lost her 18-year-old son john carter in july after he overdosed on a combination of fentanyl and cocaine just two weeks before she had called pelham, new hampshire, police to involuntary commit him under state law that he was a danger to himself. >> they come over and said there's nothing we can do. you know unstable. well, drugs makes you mentally unstable as far as i'm concerned but that law says mental illness. >> reporter: as a lowell police officer part of cheryl's job is to help addicts get clean something she says she wasn't able to do for her own son. cheryl lives less than two miles away from the massachusetts state line. massachusetts has section 35 where in here in new hampshire they don't. under section 35 a relative
10:47 pm
commit someone who's abusing drugs or alcohol. if the court agrees that person is then sent to a treatment facility. massachusetts is one of three new england states to have this type of law. new hampshire is one of three that do not. >> and i can walk into a courtroom and section them under my job i couldn't come home and do it for my own child. >> reporter: according to the massachusetts department of corrections, last year more than 2,000 people were cheryl and her family have now started a petition urging new hampshire lawmakers to pass their own version of the law. >> it's just another tool. it's not a cure all it's a tool to help people. >> reporter: we sat down with new hampshire attorney general joseph foster who told us new hampshire has created a law to target drug dealers added more rehab facilities, and increased access to narcan. >> people who are addicted have a lot more places to
10:48 pm
it would be up to lawmakers to pass a section 35 type law there are concerns. >> be sort of a policy decision. you are obviously implicating people's constitutional right to liberty. >> are you kidding? not helping somebody is violating their rights. when did we become a society where we won't help save somebody's life. she's not giving up. in the meantime her family is now building a sober living facility for more information about this facility and her petition just head to you our website in the control room i'm stephanie, fox 25 news. patients can only stay at the massachusetts alcohol and substance abuse center for 90 days which creates a large amount of turnover and due to overcrowding some patients are sent to correctional facilities. to learn more about section 35 head to our website a local school superintendent who quit her job after a drunk driving arrest is still being paid
10:49 pm
she quit her job last month after after it revealed she never told the school board she was arrested in august for o. wurng i. she makes more than $6500 every two weeks. she will also receive healthcare benefits. the driver accused in a hit-and-run crash in chelsea is being held on $2,000 bail tonight. arnold hernandez was arrested on saturday and plead not guilty to charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license when he inform court today. on surveillance video. you see a minivan running into a 72-year-old woman then driving off. the woman who was hit is okay tonight. hernandez is due back in court december 22nd. this week marks 10 years since an explosion in danvers leveled a plant. a blast equivalent to a 2,000 pound bomb shook the area. several homes were damaged and many residents were hospitalized. no one was killed. skyfox flew over the area today you can see mitch has
10:50 pm
neighbors plan to get together tomorrow to mark the anniversary. no trouble so far with the switch to all electronic tolling on the mass pike in the first three weeks nearly 28le million transactions were processed more than 80% of drivers used an ez pass the rust will get a bill in the mail. also work to remove the old toll booths that's ahead of schedule. now we want to introduce to you max a little boy with a ve he has gone through what no little child should ever have to go through but that's not stopping him from helping out other children who really need a reason to smile. mighty max and his family want to make sure every boy and girl who's hospitalized over the holidays has a reason to celebrate. fox 25's crystal haynes shows us a special way this very special family is paying its forward. >> that was not the --
10:51 pm
seventh birthday in the hospital getting cancer treatment. last july, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia and started chemo right away at the dana farber cancer clinic in boston. to cheer max up he would get gifts from the pediatric resource room there. >> if he had a bad day with a test or just wasn't feeling well they would come in with a package and he would instantly be happy. >> reporter: now amy and max also known as mighty max a nickname given to him at the hospital want to give back. >> i have car full. >> reporter: they started a toy drive to restock the resource room. >> we just want to pay it forward. we want to be able to give back where we can can. >> reporter: they have sponsored and volunteer at blood drives, walks and a fund-raiser for childhood cancer charity all in the last few months. >> that showed you don't need a lot of money to be able to make a difference. >> reporter: it's a simple
10:52 pm
>> the sponches has been so huge she's actually sending a toy drive into december. for more information go on our website reporting in boston, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. mighty max is mighty special. well, it's a >> of the holiday season. >> the red kettles have made their way to boston. the red kettle bells are now ringing throughout the commonwealth. all the money raised will help provide assistance to families throughout the year. the fox 25 team will take over a red kettle on december 15th at downtown crossing. ringing those bells to keep warm baud they're so cold you out there today. still in the upper 30s for highs. tonight it's down into the 30s and 20s.
10:53 pm
20 miles per hour gives you a wind chills that feel like the low 20s even the teens. this is the note that hash falling but this next system it was actually not that difficult learn how the power of the mind could soon help amputees as we continue to follow this breaking news
10:54 pm
my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled.
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tonight a groundbreaking
10:57 pm
could give thousands of people new hope. if successful it will allow an amputee to control a robotic prosthesis with their brain. >> fox 25's heather hegedus went to brigham & women's today where this test is being conducted. >> it's not that difficult of a decision just because of the amount of pain that i was in. >> reporter: that decision to amputate his left leg wasn't the only seemingly impossible decision jim you ewing had to make. he also agreed to be the first patient to undergo an experimental surgery to try to improve his quality of life with a prosthetic. >> i have a certain amount of pridely be the first on have this procedure but that also has a certain amount of factor it to. >> reporter: almost two years ago the 52-year-old from falmouth, maine shatt shattered his ankle and foot in a climbing accident in the cayman ightds he was with his wife and daughter when he fell roughly 50 feet to the ground. in july he underwent
10:58 pm
the surgery focused on you ewing's nerves which are key -- focused on ewing's nerves which are precise. >> close your eyes for a second and lift your foot off the ground. if you move your ankle up and down you can have a sense in your brain about where that limb is in space. >> reporter: jim's doctors are naming the procedure after him. if successful it will enable hi sensation by allowing his brain to interact with the robotic prosthetic. >> it will do what i tell it to do. >> reporter: they should know if it works when jim gets his limb in six months. in the meantime, jim's even getting back to rock climbing and planning expeditions with some fellow amputee climber friends. >> life isn't over after amputation. >> reporter: in jamaica plain, i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. documentary on the
10:59 pm
world of recovery. >> they decided in name of their faith it's okay to be blowing up the boston marathon and that's what makes them monsters. >> last week producers welcomed survivors to the shubert theatre for a v.i.p. screening. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at be 10:00. first at 11:00 you are looking at what currently feels like outside as you can see it is there. let's get over to fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. kev? >> you wanted to hear it so here you go. you saw the wind chills in teens and 20s out there. now the winds are still gusting and the latest gust coming on in over 20 even over 30 miles per hour. mainly almost entirely southeastern massachusetts. now there are currently no wind advisories in place. now the actual temperature not counting the wind still
11:00 pm
these will keep on falling through the night. i have seen plenty of snow here in the northeast. over two feet in parts of vermont over a foot in western massachusetts in some towns. this is going to be pushing away. but i also already have my eyes on another storm system that will be developing out to the west and looks to want to spread some snow and rain here in time for thanksgiving. latest information coming in right now. taking a look at it. i'll share my thoughts in just a few minutes. >> breaking tonight a tennessee school bus crash into a tree killing at least during our 6:00 newscast we have learned police are now investigating if the driver was speeding. >> reporter: a tree split a school bus almost in half. the bus carrying 35 kids on its side partially crushed. >> multiple children lost their lives today in this tragic incident. >> reporter: the children on the bus all from an elementary school. the oldest in fifth grade the youngest in kindergarten. >> taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority.


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